Every album reminds me of a stage of my life and this is why they are my top 10.
  1. This is the first record I remember holding the cover art and sitting cross legged in front of the record player. My parents didn't like him but I did and there is no one on earth that kicks my spiritual butt more then him.
  2. This is the first CD I eve purchased and I played the heck out of it. I love his 'mad dogs and englidhmen' album the most but this is the one I know every single note of so its here!
  3. One of my first jobs was with Mobil oil as a rep and it required a whole lot of driving. This album was on repeat.
  4. I danced in 1999 with this bad boy and a giant dance off with my bro in law Adam and 100 of our closest friends.
  5. In over my head with a newborn that wouldn't stop crying, we discovered that this album made Zac stop every single time. So many nights I danced my little man to sleep while this played.
  6. When I moved to America, our entire life was packed up on a container and it took 5 months to get here. We lived with borrowed couches and beds and I had 3 CDs. This was one of them. The lonely, confusing and homesick months were so much better with the bends.
  7. This sweet album found me in the midst of my baby blues. I cried a lot and I missed my family and I loved my babies and it soothed my soul.
  8. Moving home/planting a church/ dealing with all the feels that came with doing something so incredibly freaky and then THIS. I was with them from the beginning. I voted for them to do an EP. I bought every album. I grew up with them and this album was so sophisticated -it made me realize that if they could grow up and do THIS, I could too.
  9. I never met anyone that got me more than her. I love her.
  10. Three summers ago, at the pool, with my kids. Josh on repeat.