1. Message/tweet/whatever celebrities more
    They get a ridiculous amount of hate. I can give them some love instead. @Debby - You have a beautiful soul and, even if it's only through social media and your music, your presence calms me. ❤️
  2. Finish that damn English class
    I've literally had it for four years. I'm not letting it scare me anymore.
  3. Find inner peace
    Tarot cards, meditation, yoga, music, the freaking Jedi path. It doesn't matter how, just that I can find it.
  4. Spend less money
    Or at least spend it less on materialistic things.
  5. Stress about work less
    I can only do so much. I am not responsible for everything. If I have made my case and pointed things out, I've done what I can. It's up to my managers to get things done.
  6. Socialize more
    I never want to go out until I'm actually out.
  7. Call my friends and family more
    I miss them. I may only be able visit once a year but I can call whenever I want.
  8. Catch up on a few shows
    I'm halfway through the second season of Haven and first season of Arrow. That's just a weird place to stop.
  9. Wear more dresses
    I look good in them and I own some super cute ones.
  10. Love more, hate less
    People, things, places.
  11. Give my brother a hug
    And suffer the elbow to the face that will happen.
  12. Remember this