Podcasts, how I love thee

I pretty much always have a podcast on: walking my dog, commuting, cleaning the house, hiking, even blasting from my little bluetooth speaker while showering. I'll binge entire series on road trips. This isn't even close to a comprehensive list, definitely a work in progress. (As I type this, I realize I might have a problem). Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. 99% Invisible
    Super sharp insight into design and architecture. Faves: Unseen City, Wonders of Urban Wilderness (pigeons and ginkgo biloba!); Unpleasant Design & Hostile Urban Architecture (making it even harder to be homeless); Norman Doors: Don’t Know Whether to Push or Pull? Blame Design (title says it all).
  2. Another Round
    Heben and Tracy are just so real and funny, even when processing thru police brutality, politics, and depression. They sound like ladies I'd like to hang out with. Faves: "Madame Secretary, What's Good" with Hilary Clinton; "Living in America" on hair micro-aggressions and self care.
  3. Maeve in America
    I'm enjoying the crap out of this Irish stand-up comedian sharing immigrant stories and experiences in the United States. Maeve Higgins is empathic and wickedly funny. Faves: the Roz episode, the Nayyef episode, and the #NoBanNoWall episode
  4. Modern Love
    Famous actors read essays from the NY Times' Modern Love column. Faves: "Not So Simple Math" read by Sarah Paulson; "A Memory Magically Interrupted" read by Michael Shannon.
  5. How to Be a Girl
    A mom documenting life with her 6 year old transgender daughter. The little girl is a blast of sunshine. Faves: Mama, I'm a Girl; Bathroom Bill
  6. Death, Sex, and Money
    Anna Sale has the most wonderfully frank way of asking questions, and her laugh is contagious. Faves: How to Be a Man with Bill Withers; We'll Never Have Karl Again
  7. Song Exploder
    Musicians from all genres take apart their own songs and explain how each layer was created. Faves: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by the Postal Service; Moonlight film score by Nicholas Britell
  8. Happier
    Psychology writer Gretchen Rubin and her sister Liz Craft chat about little ways to boost your happiness. This show is very pleasant self-help flavored brain candy. Faves: Write Your Manifesto; How to Be On Time
  9. Gen Pop
    Dave Chen and Joanna Robinson, two of my favorite nerdy critics, started a new podcast on the intersection of major events and tv/film culture. I've listened to hours of their other podcasts, hilariously obsessive recaps of Game of Thrones and Westworld. Faves: 4th of July Sparkler vs Nuclear Missile (on the prevalence of sexual assault on tv)
  10. Women of the Hour
    Lena Dunham and other smart, talented ladies reflecting on different themes. Faves: Nasty Women of the Hour Election Special; Sickness & Health
  11. The Sporkful
    Dan Pashman talks to people about food in a very approachable and humanizing way. Faves: NJ's Pork Roll-Taylor Ham Wars; the whole "Other People's Food" series
  12. Science VS
    Hilarious Australian science reporter debunking commonly held myths with research. Yay science! Faves: Guns; Gun control; Organic Food; Zika.
  13. Politically Re-Active
    I could listen to comedians W. Kamau Bell & Hari Kondabolu talk about anything but especially politics. They're funny, witty, and humble, taking time to provide context with "Hold up, wait a minute!" and "What did you learn today" segments. The podcast is on hiatus right now, hoping they come back soon. Faves: How Van Jones Keeps His Cool in the Cable News Circus; Rachel Maddow on Donald Trump, Dick Cheney, and River Monsters; Roxane Gay on Anger after the Election.
  14. The Allusionist
  15. The Rachel Maddow Show
  16. Invisibilia
  17. Hidden Brain
  18. Note to Self
  19. TED Radio Hour
  20. Codeswitch