doin a solid rewatch of battle of the exes and some realizations are happening
  1. Johnny Bananas: confirmed Emotionally Manipulative Fuck™
    he's like, the grand master of being shady (and then completely vilifying others contestants for playing their own game). the amount of times he's said the words "your partner is a snake, dude" cannot be counted
  2. Abram: talks too much in bed, no doubt
    only contestant I know that would try to shout encouragement to his partner/girlfriend while on holding on to a log that was spinning furiously. Definitely micromanages every orgasm. (decided to go easy on this one because we all know what a piece of shit boyfriend he is)
  3. Dunbar: boyfriend who keeps his opinions about shit (your friends, in-laws, new haircut) to himself
    also always down to go out to eat. probably slept on if we're bein honest.
  4. Paula: cheater
    This isn't a hypothetical thing Paula literally just cheated on her boyfriend
  5. Emily: gf goals
    until she goes and does something problematic as FUCK and her reasoning is "I basically was raised in a sect!"
  6. Cara Maria: Close Call
    mad sweet but way too obsessed with her horse
  7. CT: husband goals
    *however* no one is allowed to have him but Diem. Hearing that #BostonStrongJawline call out Abram bein all "ya little boyfriend's a punk? you can tell him I said it?" made my panties fly at the screen
  8. Laurel: last ditch effort
    that Saltine American that your oldest uncle ends up marrying because on paper shit adds up but it drives him to an Ambien addiction in under five years
  9. Knight: the man you literally fear your daughter ending up with
    No shade, RIP to the realest, but he was problematic six ways to Sunday. God rest his soul
  10. Robin: great mom
    always crying about her son. otherwise low low
  11. Leroy: hold you down ass muhfucker
    I fucking love this man and he's everything I wanna end up with in the end honestly