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It's 2015 - is anything really a guilty pleasure anymore?
  1. Cap'n Crunch cereal / eating cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Seat heaters on for days. Anytime. All the time.
  3. I sometimes pretend I know ballet and practice leaping across long halls. Note I've never ever taken a ballet class
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  1. Don't dwell on the dark side of things, but look for the light and build around it.
  2. Love is about relationships, yet the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.
  3. You carry the passport to your own happiness.
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We all have 'em
  1. Rats, snakes, and spiders need PR people.
  2. How is it that guys feel comfortable talking about 💩 but women can't seem to breakdown that barrier. Women can talk about their menstrual cycle but not 💩. I guess this means I just want to talk to someone about 💩.
I've been binge watching HBO's True Blood for the last month. I'm almost finished.
  1. Vampires wear black leather and that's sexy
  2. Werewolves are in biker gangs
  3. Werepanthers were a bit too far for me in this show
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While this list is chronological, a piece of me is still searching to be each thing below ...
  1. A Rockstar/singer (probably from age 5-10)
  2. An astronaut (this happened when I saw Halley's Comet in 1994. But this is just ongoing)
  3. President of the USA (only for 4th grade)
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This can be everything from a reliable source to OH
  1. You have to keep in mind that your happiness is the most important thing. Just ask "does this make you happy at the end of the day?" - my grandma
  2. "A relationship is like a cupcake. All the icing and sprinkles are sex. You need to wipe that off and think about the cake. See if the cake has holes. " - my grandfather
  3. "When I was your age I had to have the right cigarettes. The right coffee and the right whiskey. I quit cigarettes but I still have to have the right coffee and whiskey" -- a stranger in the elevator telling me about non-negotiables.