At least me.
  1. *before it starts* Why do I feel weird, oh no.
  2. Pills pills pills do your thang.
  3. *an hour later* FUUUUUCK.
  4. I'm dying this time. For sure.
  5. This is probably a brain tumor.
  6. Just throw up already.
  7. Death would be a relief at this point. At least I won't be in pain. Just nothing. Sweet sweet nothing.
  8. If I just throw myself down a flight of stairs maybe it will knock me out.
  9. *to the ice pack* Thank you friend.
  10. *lying down, eyes shut, total darkness* it's too bright in here!
  11. Why can't showers wash away my pain?
  12. I cannot wait to eat something greasy after this.
  13. *when someone asks what a migraine feels like* There's a tiny goblin behind my left eye stabbing me with an ice pick, and the devil is squeezing my brain.
  14. Omg I'm feeling a bit better! *sits up* Nope.
  15. How many pills are too many?
  16. Shut up, nose! Breathe quieter!