Tv I'm Into These Days

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Nathan For You
    Nathan Fielder entertains a hilarious dead pan small business help show where nothing is too far. Most recently he lowered the price of a small TV stores Flatscreen down to $1 then went to Best Buy for a price match.
  2. Master of None
    This show isn't even out yet and I'm hyped. After reading his new book "Modern Romance" over the summer, I'm excited to see what Aziz Ansari has in store for this Netflix series.
  3. Man Seeking Woman
    One of my favorite shows last year is returning for it's second season. MSW plays off the common metaphors for singles dating.
  4. Project Greenlight
    To be fair I've only season this Seasons finale, but this HBO show looks to be a cool insight into the process involved in making a film.