That aren't La La Land
  1. MOVIES:
  2. (500) Days of Summer
    I'm working downtown near the Bradbury Building and every lunch break is a little walking tour of the filming locations
  3. Little Shop of Horrors
    🎶Down on Skid Row🎶
  4. Rebel Without a Cause
    I visited Griffith Observatory within a week of moving to LA because of this movie
  5. Sunset Boulevard
    The fact that I drive on Sunset at least once a week is still wild to me
  6. A Cinderella Story
    I think I was about 9 when this came out and it was how I learned what a drought was
  7. Big Fat Liar
    Tbh this is what I think of anytime I'm near the Universal backlots
  8. Clueless
    Did you really think I could make this list without it? Ugh, as if!
  9. TV:
  10. You're The Worst
    Captures all the eclecticness of Silver Lake
  11. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    Even though I don't whistle for cabs, I request Ubers
  12. Chuck
    Admittedly, I don't spend a ton of time in Burbank but from what I know of it, this show gets it spot on
  13. The Hills
    I pass Lauren and Heidi's old apartment building in La Brea every time I drive to The Grove
  14. How To Get Away With Murder
    I went down to USC Law just so I could get to see Annalise Keating's house
  15. American Horror Story Season 1
    Still too creeped out to go see the Murder House though
  16. Insecure
    Honestly this is the only show I'm watching week-to-week anymore and it's so. damn. good. And such a love letter to the Inglewood area!