Feb faves

✨Some things that made me happy this month ✨
  1. Food & Drink - Salt & Straw
    LA-based ice cream shoppe I'm obsessed with. The Honey Lavender is my favorite 🍨
  2. Food & Drink - Charcoal Lemonade
    Who knows if this really has any health benefit, but it's yummy and so goth
  3. Tech - Rain Rain app
    My current study soundtrack
  4. Podcast - Anna Faris is Unqualified
    Some of the best (and funniest) celebrity interviews. Favorite episodes: Rachel Bloom, Chelsea Handler, Chris Evans & Jenny Slate
  5. TV - Grace & Frankie
    I'm 100 years late to the party
  6. TV - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Season 2)
    Somehow even better than the first season. Favorite musical numbers: The Math of Love Triangles, Friendtopia, Period Sex
  7. Music - Dear Evan Hansen (OBC Album)
    Saw this @ Arena Stage in DC back in 2015 and have been eager for a cast album ever since. Favorite songs: Waving Through A Window, Sincerely Me, If I Could Tell Her (Act 1-heavy because Act 2 is too sad)