The world is terrible but here are at least a few things that brought me joy
  1. Fashion - American Apparel bomber jacket
    Got it on sale since the stores are closing - perfect for LA "winter"
  2. Beauty - Naked 2 Palette
    Finally caved and I'm so glad I did. (Current look: "Verve" for lids, "Tease" for crease, "Foxy for browbone, and "Bootycall" for inner corners)
  3. Podcast - NPR Politics
    What I've been listening to on my commute to class. Great coverage in not-so-great times.
  4. Food - Moon Juice
    I didn't want to do the pressed juice thing, but their Vanilla Fig Fix is heavenly
  5. Food - Cake Monkey Bakery
    My mom sent me a care package from this place because she's the best - their Magic Bars are the bomb.
  6. TV - The Bachelor
    Specifically my Bachelor fantasy league - my team (Will U Accept This Rosé) is currently in second place.
  7. TV - Sherlock Season 4 (?)
    It doesn't quite compare to past seasons, but it's still good TV. Team Molly Hooper forever.
  8. TV - Oprah's interview with Michelle Obama
    Got me more than the Farewell Speech did (#Michelle2020 plz)
  9. Music - La La Land soundtrack
    I hated this movie for so many reasons, but the score is undeniably beautiful and great for studying
  10. Movies - N/A
    I didn't see any this month - in need of suggestions!!