In chronological order
  1. I pet a guy's dog and introduced myself as Mel and the next morning he'd Facebook friend requested me
  2. A guy at a rooftop bar mansplained Little Shop of Horrors to me
  3. A guy I matched with on Tinder told me my pictures were "in a bad order" and that I should smile more
  4. A guy came up to me at the bar just to tell me I looked miserable
  5. A guy I matched with on Tinder referred to himself as "a kind and considerate sociopath"
  6. A guy told me I "looked like trouble"
    (OK this is actually one I get *a lot* and it is 100% the opposite of true, so what is up with that? Do guys think they're being funny or am I putting out some vibes I didn't mean to?!)
  7. A guy wearing a watch and holding a fully charged iPhone asked me for the time
  8. Static