Things I miss about LA when I'm in New York

  1. The weather
    Cliché but so real
  2. The entertainment-oriented culture
    That weird indie movie you wanted to see? It's playing at the theater down the street and there's almost always someone else who will want to see it with you
  3. The diversity of landscape
    Nowhere else can I hike a mountain, stroll on the beach, and go bar-hopping in the city center all in one day
  4. The street art
    From Venice to West Hollywood to Silver Lake you can find an Instagram-worthy wall mural or sidewalk sketch
  5. The abundance of vegan food
    The easiest place to be a pescatarian (sorry, I still can't give up fish or mozzarella cheese)
  6. The sushi
    Just the best
  7. The lack of pressure to drink
    People here are just as likely to meet up at a coffee or juice place as they are a bar
  8. The pleasant customer service experiences
    I routinely have life-affirming conversations with Uber drivers and Trader Joe's employees
  9. Wearing anything in my closet at any time
    I'm far less bored by my wardrobe on the West Coast, where there's no such thing as "summer" and "winter" clothes
  10. Al fresco everything
    Dining, shopping, you name it
  11. Movie theatre marquees
    All the Art Deco