Attempts to fill the bagels and pizza void in my heart and stomach
  1. Kombucha
    Love love love The Bu's lavender-flavored one
  2. Juices
    Personal faves: Super Choc from Juiced Served Here, Apple n Greens from Jamba Juice, Energized from Cafe Gratitude
  3. Zucchini noodles
    Pre-packages from Whole Foods because I'm no Gwyneth Paltrow
  4. Mochi Ice Cream
    My roommate turned me onto this! I love the green tea ones, even though they're impossible to find at Ralph's
  5. Cashew cheese
    The Coliflór Fritos at Gracias Madre is the reason for this one
  6. Charcoal lemonade
    I can't explain why it's great, mostly for the novelty
  7. La Croix
    Because I'm a Millenial™
  8. Riced cauliflower
    I can't seem to eat real rice anymore without getting sick probably because moving to the West Coast has made me weak
  9. Chia pudding
    My go-to, any-time snack
  10. Matcha
    From tea to juice to mochi to donuts
  11. Kimchi
    Is it healthy or just pretty? Jury's still out on this one
  12. Jackfruit
    Vegetarian substitute for pulled pork, tuna, literally ANYTHING