Things I've done since being back in LA

  1. Hit up sweetgreen
    I haven't been since freshman year of college, def. better bang for buck than Tender Greens. I ordered the Rad Thai.
  2. Another visit to Alfred Tea
    This time I tried the Rosy Gold Latte. It's butternut squash-flavored and I'm weirdly into it. (Matcha croissant not pictured).
  3. Went to a Clippers game
    My first NBA game/first adventure in DTLA!
  4. Tried on ballgowns
    For Barristers Ball, but everyone else there was trying them on for award season. Only in LA.
  5. Tried a sushi burrito
    Overrated imo
  6. Caved on a Moon Juice
    I generally resist the pressed juice thing, but these are damn good. I also got their green fermented seed crisps, which are heavenly.