And the lines I've unsuccessfully used to try and start conversations about them
  1. The Tony nominations
    How about that Ben Platt, huh?
  2. Love languages
    Omg I am ~textbook~ quality time, how about you guys?
  3. The state of network television
    How WILD that NBC cancelled and then renewed Timeless right?
  4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    "Period Sex" is art and the Season 2 finale is a perfect hour of television, why won't you all watch this show already?!?!
  5. Sandwiches
    If there's an outside and an inside and you can eat both, it's a sandwich - so yes, hotdogs are sandwiches.
  6. Food trends
    Anyone want to try charcoal ice cream with me? ... Anyone?
  7. The Met Gala
    Anna Wintour has really gone too far with this whole selfie ban, don't you think?
  8. Spring fashion
    I'm really trying to rock millennial pink and this cute new embroidery trend at the same time but am I pulling it off?
  9. Serial killers
    I just dont think Ted Bundy was *so* attractive that I'd be charmed into being murdered, that's all.