And how/why I failed
  1. Game of Thrones
    I missed Ned Stark too much to continue on to Season 2
  2. The 100
    I picked a favorite character in the first episode and then he died in the next one :/
  3. Outlander
    Say what you want about the "feminist sex scenes," it was still a sausage fest
  4. Supernatural
    Tbh i do not know how I even managed to make it through the first five seasons of this raging dumpster fire
  5. Gossip Girl
    Chuck literally sexually assaults someone in the first episode and then everyone pretends like it didn't happen and I couldn't deal
  6. Jessica Jones
    I really wanted to like this one, just couldn't get into it
  7. Doctor Who
    It isn't on Netflix anymore :(
  8. Silicon Valley
    I forgot my HBO Go password (I should probably do something about that)
  9. The Mindy Project
    I have Netflix and HBO Go, do you really think I can afford a Hulu subscription too?!