1. Make wishes on 11:11
    Seriously people who don't believe in this are missing out
  2. Eat m&ms by color
    First you have to eat all of the blue ones, every single one. and if you just toss a random handful in your mouth I might freak out
  3. Read fortune only after eating entire fortune cookie
    If you read the fortune before you finish eating the cookie it won't come true
  4. Wish on pennies facing heads up
    I like wishes....
  5. There are many more I'm sure
  6. I seat my skittles in color order
    1) purple, 2) green, 3) yellow, 4) orange, 5) red
    Suggested by   @Perchlakegirl
  7. Wink at people when I get nervous.
    Because, nothing says "I'm cool. Not panicking. Everything is casual" like getting winked at by a 31 year old woman. 😜
    Suggested by   @soletshangout