1. Ok so when I buy someone a present I put lots of thought and effort into it, cuz ya know, I care about the people I buy presents for
  2. But when they start guessing what I got them
  3. It can never end well.
  4. Either they guess something they really want and get really excited and hyped up
    "Omg did you get me *insert present of their dreams here*?!?! Omg this is gonna be the BEST PRESENT EVER"
  5. And I didn't get them that 😳
  6. And then they open it up and act fake excited
    "Ah this is...good! Like that other thing wouldn't be that cool. This is...cool" 😑
  7. Or they guess something they wouldn't like, and start joking about it
    "hahaha wouldn't it be funny if you got me *insert present they think would be awful here* haha that would be horrible"
  8. And I did get them that 😳
  9. And then they open it up and act fake excited
    "aw that's so nice...I...love it..." 😑
  10. Either way it's bad
  11. Just open your present
  12. No pre present opening commentary
  13. Please for the sake of my self esteem