1. Cloudy days
    They allow me to be grumpy and the weather doesn't mock me. I also feel like I can get away with not washing my hair or dressing up on cloudy days, which is great on occasion.
  2. Chinese food
    Lo mein but without the vegetables and chicken- just the noodles. Does this exist as another dish that I've never discovered?
  3. Bravo
    Hours on damn end of Bravo specifically Ladies of London because they're all bat shit but also v successful. Except Julie. She's annoying...
  4. Eating in bed
    The only time I dislike this is when a piece of food drops on the sheets.
  5. Tumblr
    Reposting photos of cute babies, hot dudes, pretty interiors, and lattes makes me happy.
  6. Drinking an entire bottle of wine
    Nothing more to explain here...