Inspired by @mhawkeyem
  1. Avignon, France
    Pat taught me the history of France, the Catholic Church, and cheese in this wonderfully romantic city.
  2. Sydney, Australia
    Pat accompanied me on my first trip after Maddie was born. A 6 day Sydney. We had a blast at the zoo, but really learned to trust street food on this trip.
  3. Ulm, Germany
    I saw charity street art for the first time - giant sparrows painted by local businesses. The cathedral, with the tallest spires in Germany, chose to paint their sparrows like American WWII fighter pilots because the US pilots bombed the bridge and factories in and around Ulm but were careful to spare the church. Made me cry.
  4. Liguria, Italy
    We were tired so we got off the train. What a wonderful place - Liguria in the height of summer. Pesto in every little lunch stand, shop and restaurant. We stayed 3 days.
  5. Girona, Spain
    We were a couple of days ahead of schedule on our way to Barcelona to meet my sister so we hopped off the train in Girona. An amazing, exotic city filled with as many churches and hills and pubs and mysterious corners and restaurants as you could ever imagine. The old city is marked by the history of Spain in concentration. The Moors driven out by the Jews. The Jews obliterated by the Inquisition. All reflected in the architecture.
  6. Costa Rica
    Our second honeymoon - an REI Adventure tour of Costa Rica. Monkey fight! But so romantic.
  7. Not a complete list - but some highlights.