The shit I threw in my bag at the last minute before a 30 day trip to France:

  1. A blue cardigan.
  2. These books.
  3. 3 slices of week old banana bread.
    With chocolate chips.
  4. This journal.
    Ideas for novel called Emma.
  5. A blue crew neck sweater.
  6. A ziplock baggie filed with Sleepy Time and English Breakfast tea bags.
  7. A ziplock baggie filled with all the lipsticks I have laying around my house.
    One of which - Clinique Black Lilly- will live its last in Paris or Provence. Black Lily has been discontinued.
  8. The charger for my Vivofit watch.
    The husband insisted. ::eyes are rolling hard::
  9. A ziplock baggie filled with slices of Manchego cheese.
  10. That's it! I was so disciplined!!!!!