In order.
  1. Discussed details of Trip to France with our banker friend.
    Banker friend is meeting us in Beaune! Traveling with us through Lyon, Vienne, and Avignon.
  2. Ate a ham sandwich and Cheetos.
  3. Researched Trip to France by reading Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert tweets.
  4. Discovered!
  5. Shared with a teacher friend.
  6. Assuaged teacher friend's anxiety about a racy discussion at our end of the year teacher friends' party.
    We all basically agreed that it is more appealing to fuck an ugly weirdo mean but honest guy rather than a good looking not weird dishonest guy.
  7. Retrieved car from party locale.
    Party was 2 nights previous. 7 teacher friends, 11 bottles of wine, 1 pitcher if Crotch Grabbers (renamed The Duchess).
  8. Bought a watermelon.
  9. Cut up watermelon while watching Real Housewives of Dallas
    This is the worst iteration of the franchise, but I still watch it.
  10. Brought watermelon to neighbor friends' for a BBQ.
  11. Watched GOT
    What the fuck! They couldn't have shown Khaleesi finding the damn dragon - soothing the damn dragon - any lead up to the dragon at all??????? Damn.