1. Shit shit shit!
  2. How good of a dancer do you have to be to become a stripper?
  3. A) seems right
  4. B) also seems right
  5. C) seems right tik
  6. D)None of the above (WTF!?)
  7. Just get through this test and you'll be closer to wearing pajamas to work every day, just do it for the pajamas!
  8. When did the professor talk about this?
  9. Book 1 said one thing, book 2 said another, professor said something else...WHO'S CORRECT?
  10. ABC's ABC's
  11. Wait, I HAVE those symptoms!! Am I dying??
  12. Haha poop
  13. Fml
  14. I'll get 'em next time
  15. Will there be a curve??