Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

I love making lists
  1. This is super helpful for how to get stains out naturally. I found it when I was searching for ways to make natural cleaning products and it's always good to know how to get poop out of your mattress when your baby's diaper explodes on the bed
  2. I sent this to a friend who also has a baby to show her what baby day at Alamo draft house is and to tell her to go. Keanu is super funny btw
  3. Lol I thought this was hilarious.
  4. I saw this on Twitter and am constantly referring to it lol. I will always think this is funny haha.
  5. Cheesy handprint art I screenshotted from Pinterest that I want to try with Porter someday. I never actually look at what I have liked or pinned on Pinterest hence the screenshot. So I'm more likely to come back to it.