1. I lived in three different cities.
    Moved from Honolulu to Seattle, back to Honolulu, to San Jose and back to Honolulu.
  2. Smoked a pack a day.
    That's roughly 73,000 cigarettes!
  3. And quit.
    July 4, 2008 and have not had single one since.
  4. I. Partied. Hard.
    And by party, I mean got high, like ALL THE TIME.
  5. For money, I worked as a...
    bookstore clerk, department store cashier, burrito maker, waitress at Chili's, waitress at a sushi bar, counter at a burger joint and drug dealer.
  6. Found my soulmate and fell in LOVE.
  7. And somehow, graduated from college
    ten years, five schools, and zero student loans later.