Ambitious Weekend Plans
  1. LT Burger, Sag Harbor
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    Order Matthew Abate's prize winning milkshake during it's limited area appearance. This is the reason for our visit.
  2. Kayak the Accabonac
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    Need to earn the milkshakes. Plus it's beautiful.
  3. Dan Flavin lights, Bridgehampton
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    Meditative gem
  4. Visit Bookhampton, East Hampton
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    Threatening to close!
  5. Golden Eagle, East Hampton
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    Optimistic laying in of art supplies for winter.
  6. Round Swamp Farm, Springs
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    Bankruptingly delicious
  7. Run Anywhere
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    For motivating scenery, can not go wrong in any direction. Need to pay for Round Swamp bender. Plus maybe Dreesen donut in the morning.
  8. Consider longingly
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    All the other places and food there is no time to jam in this trip: Hideaway, Breadzilla, Steven Alan, bike on Town Lane, Clam Bar, Sam's, hike through Cedar Point, Estia's, Buddhaberry, Mandala Yoga, Robert Wilson's Watermill Center, Sag Harbor Baking Company, LongHouse Preserve, back (not) soon (enough!)