1. "I'm so cute!!!!!!!!"
    Let me set the stage. It's Heidi's 19th birthday party. Lauren presents her with a cake with her face on it. Heidi blows out the candles. "I'm so cute!!!!" she shrieks. This was a simpler time.
  2. "You're such a random girl."
    Jen Bunney (lol) to Audrina. Also at Heidi's birthday party. The gals were mad at Audrina because she had been hanging out with known psychopath Spencer. Eventually the tide of public opinion turned against Bunz but at this time she was in Lauren's good graces.
  3. "Two blonde bimbos"
    This is a deep cut scene that only few Hills fans will remember. Heidi misses her flight to CO so decides to spy on Spencer at the club. Heidi's coworker reports that Spence has shown up with some other girls. "Two blonde sluts" she says. Heidi says nothing. "Two blonde whores." Again nothing. "Two blonde bimbos." "TWO BLONDE BIMBOS?!" Heidi is furious. Spencer can go wherever he wants with sluts and whores but OVER HEIDI'S DEAD BODY will be go out with two blonde bimbos.
  4. "Are you even from LA??"
    Spencer and Heidi's coworker get in an altercation over Heidi's wardrobe and Spencer scoffs that he's "never seen this guy." Never mind that Los Angeles is a city of more than 18 million people. Spencer has never seen you so you are a NOBODY. Pack up your white-framed sunglasses buddy. You're done.
  5. "He's a sucky person!!!!!!"
    When Brody Jenner and Jen Bunney hooked up, ah the memories. Lauren was obviously upset on account of her being in love with that hot piece of garbage (much like myself). Another tally on the "Spencer is Pure Evil" scoresheet.
  6. "Justin Bobby a man so great he needed two names."
    His name is Justin but he wants people to call him Bobby. K.
  7. "Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach. You don't want that to be your boyfriend."
    Lauren Conrad. My light. My shaman. My spiritual leader. Her timeless words of wisdom to Audrina, alleged random girl, have gotten me through so much. Except mine is more like "homeboy wore all his scripture mastery pins on his suit coat. You don't want that to be your boyfriend!"
  8. "You know what you did!"
    Suggested by @ijeoma The shot heard 'round the world. I know what she did. You know what she did. My neighbor's cousin's boyfriend's sister knew what she did. Heidi didn't know what she did.