1. I am admittedly late to the game here, but I finally got around to watching the Jinx
    I'm not watching the final season of Mad Men so I need some socially relevant viewing material for my arsenal of small talk. Fairly sure that ship has sailed already too, but no matter.
  2. 30 minutes in to Episode 1 and I start to experience disappointment at how quickly we are covering major plot points
    Killed his wife, check. Dismembered his neighbor, check. No time to savor the suspense, but then again everyone (myself included) knows the ending, so.
  3. My attention drifts in and out of episodes, which play back to back unprompted
    Until episode 5, which catches my attention
  4. Robert is in a Starbucks that strikes me as very, VERY familiar
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    It in fact looks exactly like the one across the street from my apartment. But there are thousands of Starbucks' in Manahattan and I dismiss this weird feeling as general insanity
  5. As he exits, I see a fruit stand in the background
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    Shit. Is that the stand where I bought overpriced cherries last month?
  6. He turns the corner and it hits me
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    Ummmmm yeah this is definitely my street. It's cool, there's only a 97% chance I'm in my apartment while this psychopathic murderer is out and about.
  7. FYI - he isn't strolling randomly
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    He's looking for his brothers house. Just to, you know, say hello
  8. So, how many degrees am I separated from the infamous Robert Durst?
    Just one, because his brother is my fucking neighbor