1. The theme song
    This is the comfort food of sitcom theme songs. The only way this song could be better would be if I found out Bill Clinton had been the saxophonist (sadly not the case)
  2. The chemistry between Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert, aka David and Darlene
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    David and Darlene are THE ULTIMATE sitcom couple. Their relationship was (is) my benchmark for romantic love, delivering a hyper-satisfying meld of derision, adoration, and straight up hilarity. They were aggressively unglamorous and it still strikes a chord with me 8 years later
  3. It addressed poverty, homosexuality, and feminism
    'Roseanne' gave late 80s-90s America gay and lesbian characters that were respected and loved & central women characters who make choices about their own bodies (pregnancy! abortions). While by no means perfect, definitely awesome
  4. John Goodman aka Dan Conner
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    It was really hard to make this list and not just add 10 pictures of John Goodman. Without John Goodman this show would be nothing
  5. Original Becky aka Lecy Goranson
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    Phenomenal representation of a woefully cunty teenage girl. I would know 😏
  6. The episode with Darlene and the poem. (That Joss Whedon wrote.)
    Suggested by @daniellenuss
  7. The Mother's Day episode when Bonnie sings You Really Got A Hold On Me in the backyard during the party.
    I legit get goosebumps and chills and tears in my eyes whenever I see this.
    Suggested by @doesntmattr