Went to a GG themed trivia night at a bar. Below are the questions I missed
  1. What character said "Time is pressing. I got a ten pound salami sitting out in the van!"
  2. Name the ORIGINAL 'naked guy'
  3. What are the names of Zach and Lane's twin boys?
  4. What is this characters FULL name?
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    This one seemed unnecessarily difficult
  5. How much was Jess Mariano's winning bid on Rory's picnic basket?
  6. In which aisle of Doose's Market did Rory and Dean share their first kiss?
  7. What was the name of Jimmy's (aka Jess' dad) hot dog stand in California?
    Again, really hard.
  8. How many maids did Emily fire throughout the run of the show?
    JK they didn't ask this one but I am curious
  9. Best team name?
    One night in Paris Geller