This movie has a lot more going for it more than it's PHENOMENAL soundtrack.
  1. First of all, all these grown ass people are supposed to be in high school
    Not a single character looks like they could be under the age of 25.
  2. How Sarah learns to "hip hop dance"
    She wouldn't just befriend the most relatable black guy she can find and make him train her on the weekends. She would go to the club and practice bump n' grind the good ol fashion way
  3. When Sarah and Derek are dancing at STEPPS after she's been 'training' and the crowd starts to holla "Go Sarah! Go Sarah!"
    False. This would never happen.
  4. Sarah vs. Nicki rivalry
    Ok this one is 100% accurate (especially the bitch fight in gym class)
  5. When Derek intervenes in Sarah's Juilliard audition
    Yeah I REALLLY don't think they'll look favorably on you when your boyfriend barges in and says they're crazy if they don't accept you. Like I don't think that's the protocol.