Just for me. Processing and remembering the right things
  1. These goobers (Part 1)
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  2. These goobers (Part 2)
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  3. Kings College Library
    Senate House library, third floor of the LSE library. Wellcome Library. So many libraries.
  4. Old timey pubs
    Three John's, Angel. Kings Arms, Bethnal Green. And Ye Old Cheshire Cheese, Fleet St
  5. Not January 2015
    A horrible, cold, lonely time before real friends were made and before classes started (so we were forced to be in each others' company). Later found out everyone felt the same sort of shitty but no one knew what to do about it.
  6. The Barbican
    Favourite Friday evenings were spent sitting on the terrace ledge by the water with kebabs, off license beers and Tesco cheap wine.
  7. Whitechapel
    Ramadhan buffets were the best part of long days in the Stepney Green archives. Learned to get lost a little, fear the unfamiliar bustle a little less, fall in love with a part of the city which many people neglect.
  8. Camden Passage
    My little bit of neighbourhood. Halfway to Sam's. Great coffee and croissants at Appestat. Best Tesco.
  9. LSE New Academic Building rooftop
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    Drunk on free champagne, getting toasted by Fran (programme director) on the launch of the Studio publication. So happy that awful amount of work on the book was DONE.
  10. Broadway Market
  11. Chapel Market
  12. Family dinners
  13. Crossing the Thames
    When London felt most London. Or best London.
  14. Free Waitrose coffee daily
    Ha. Win.