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  1. Because my very professional, put together voice & text professor used the word "gurl" in a caption
  2. A combination of pop class, a typo, and half an hour spent on photoshop
    Tuna Turner by Malindi Aiyenga
  3. Butts by the lake. I have great friends who like disposable cameras.
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A boring-ass list from a tired-ass brain
  1. "Happy Talk" from South Pacific
    It will NOT LEAVE MY BRAIN. It just keeps rolling around up there, racist and horrible and so goshdarn catchy
  2. I can't figure out my feels
    You know. With boys and shit.
  3. The above makes me feel like a child, which he is definitely not, which feeds the problem
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  1. Finishing the Office for the second time
  2. Eating
  3. Buying and devouring Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me
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