I always love pulling out passages that make me feel emotions when I am reading, but I always forget to go back to them later. This book, especially, seems to have something special to say on every page. It was written by Sandra Cisneros and I feel like she knows me personally.
  1. On otherness: Harness it. Make it yours.
  2. "So often you have to run away from home and visit other homes first before you can clearly see your own." Page 34.
  3. "We find ourselves at home, or homing, in books that allow us to become more ourselves." Page 35.
  4. On choosing to be alone, instead of choosing to settle. "I want to be bad if bad means I must go against society."
  5. "We can't afford as women to be mediocre, or even good, especially not now. We don't have that luxury. Our best weapon in adverse times — excellence." Page 139.
  6. "I sleep to excess, smoke cigars, drink. Am at my best wandering underdressed, my fingernails dirty, my hair a mess. Terribly" Page 179.
    On what it's like to be a mess at an adult age and be OK with it.
  7. "And I wonder if all storytelling isn't a list, conscious or not, of the ten thousand things tucked inside the special drawers of the brain, a curiosity cabinet lined with old silk scented with incense." Page 306.
  8. On compassion: "When my father was sick and knew he had only a few months to live, he confessed to me in private, "I wanted to leave each of you children a house. But I've failed." And then he started to cry. It astonishes me even now to think Father's idea of success was leaving each of his seven kids a house!
    Father had given us so much by not giving us much. Necessity. That's what he gave us. Necessity taught us to value what we worked for, to recognize others who, like us, didn't have much, to be generous to others because we hadn't had much. When you haven't had much, you never forget what that feels like. Compassion. That's what father gave us. Page 347.