Reasons I’ll Miss the Sitcom Downton Abbey

In my mind, it’s a situational comedy. This show is laugh-out-loud, talk to the screen funny. And here are a few of the funniest things about it that I will miss:
  1. The Mother-freakin’ Dowager Countess
    The DC did not invent dropping the mic, she invented the need for people to invent dropping the mic. If one-liners could kill, everyone she ever met would be dead and the last thing they would have all seen is the majesty of her pursed lips.
  2. Cora Crawley’s 100% Hands-Off Approach to Parenting
    I love Cora’s expression when someone informs her what kind of trouble her daughters have gotten themselves into. She’s sitting at her vanity before dinner, someone (anyone) tells her a BAD situation any of her daughters are in. Cora immediately looks SUPER distressed and SUPER sympathetic, and says, “Oh goodness. Poor (daughter)" *concern eyebrows.* Then she goes about her goddam business.
  3. Tea and coffee all the time every day!
    Of course there are designated tea times, but any viewer knows the Downton drill- breakfast, write a letter, tea, luncheon, a walk?, tea/coffee, dinner, coffee- and it is glorious. I also left out all the alcohol they drink, which is a LOT. The sheer volume of beverages consumed at Downton in a day tickles me and also weirdly comforts me to know they enjoy the luxury of being excellently hydrated all the time.
  4. Watching People Not Enjoy Fancy Meals
    Dining scenes are lots of thinly sliced, cold-looking meats, tiny birds, and cucumbers on a lot of stuff. No one ever seems to enjoy food, but that’s the point! They can’t be enjoying excellent food because the point of meals is gossip! Picture yourself eating your favorite food. Now imagine telling your sister’s fiancé that she had a kid out of wedlock with another man WHILE eating this food. You can’t! Enjoying delicious food doesn't allow for eloquent mudslinging and dainty backstabbing.
  5. Anna Brushing Lady Mary’s Hair
    This is more of a series 6 thing, and I may be completely alone on this, but every time I see Anna run the hairbrush ever-so lightly through Lady Mary’s little bob it makes me laugh. She never does more than a few strokes, and so hilariously gently, just letting the bristles barely graze the hair, as if the delicate strands were made of thin, 40 karat gold thread.