It's time for the world to face facts, she is the worst character of all time.
  1. She thought turning into her mother was a bad thing!!??
    Who wouldn't want to be Tami Taylor. Tami Taylor is the best. I would sell my soul to turn into her.
  2. She wanted to date a guy whose only name was The Swede instead of Matt Saracen.
    Matt Saracen is one of the greatest people of all time. If I was lucky enough to have dated him, I would only break up with him for someone with a real name.
  3. She wanted to quit high school.
    Granted, she wanted to quit so she could join Habitat for Humanity, but the only reason she even wanted to do that was because of a boy.
  4. She had an affair with her TA that she knew was married.
    This needs no explanation. She knew he was married.
  5. She wanted everyone to feel bad for her when the TA's wife found out.
    Why should anyone feel sorry for her? She knew what she was doing. What did she think was going to happen?
  6. She purposely crashed her car just to avoid her problems.
    She PURPOSELY CRASHED HER CAR so she wouldn't have to go back to school and be embarrassed because everyone knew she slept with her TA.
  7. She described losing her virginity as being "deflowered."
    No explanation needed.
  8. She let Matt Saracen love her when clearly he deserved so much better.
    Matt Saracen deserves the greatest person in the world. Not Julie Taylor.