I have no shame in declaring my newest obsession even though it's totally crunchy

Aka granola aka hippie
    Specifically the "Gizeh." They are the flip flop looking ones.
  2. TBH, at first they seem like nothing to write home about.
    They are sort of stiff and uncomfortable and you're like wth why are people raving about these? In fact your feet might hurt a little bit because they have actual support.
  3. But once you start wearing these puppies and getting them all broken in, you probably won't want to take them off.
  4. They form to your feet!!
    Ok my feet are not sooty... This is just how they look. YOU CAN SEE MY INDIVIDUAL TOES!!! ☺️
  5. You'll want to wear them to work.
    These seriously look professional and stylish while you earn that dough, ladies and gentlemen!
  6. You'll wear them around the house.
    Usually by the end of the day I'm throwing my work flats across the room because they stink and my piggies have been trapped all day. not so anymore!! I just walk in the door and proceed with awesomeness.
  7. You can wear them to the beach.
    I had no issues. The sand came right off 💁🏼
    People... One of the best investments ever.