They may be nuts but I am a squirrel and I can't wait to show them all the love I've stored.
  1. My mom
    My number one lady. She has lived a hell of a life, let me tell you. She suffers from depression so there are days when she doesn't feel like talking on the phone. HOWEVER, there has never been a day when I doubted that she loved me. Hell, she probably loves me too much, but I guess that's called being a parent.
  2. Aunt: Sue
    Another stunning and wonderful lady. She has lived through and survived the death of two loves. Married to: Tim, but he is not present this weekend.
  3. Aunt: Kathy
    The most prepared and organized person in our family. She plans, researches, is a whiz at accounting, and is crazy about my cousins, whom I love dearly. Her skills have helped me SO much. Yes, we may be neurotic at times with our planning, but we accomplish things. Want to know what a weekend without planning feels like? Spend a weekend with my husband's family. You'll be clamoring for Kathy!
  4. Uncle: Darrell
    He's the kind of person that is naturally charming but can also make you feel super DUMB at the same time. He is literally brilliant and I feel like he can't always help it so he gets a few free "that was a douche thing to say/do but I won't hate you for it" passes. Great guy. Also: he is a ginger.
  5. Cousin: Allie
    A miracle baby. also: My most favorite cousin as I actually think of her as more of a sister. The benefit to being cousins is that we never had the sibling drama. She is smart, beautiful, and can do anything she puts her mind to! She's graduating high school and that is the reason why we are gathering together!
  6. Cousin: Megan
    Haven't seen her in about 8 years because she kinda ditched the family and decided to not contact us. Prior to that: she was my hero and I looked up to her as a big sister figure. Hey, every hero has their kryptonite. We will see how our reunification/meeting as LITERALLY COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE goes?
  7. Who are you?: Nathan
    Apparently married to my cousin Megan. Based off of their Christmas card he looks like one of the guys from Duck Dynasty.
  8. Grandma
    She had a stroke a few years ago, but she hasn't lost her wit or humor. She's still sharp as a tack, it just takes her longer to spit it out. If you are patient with her you will be rewarded.
  9. Uncle: Bruce????
    Like I've only seen this guy a few times in my entire life. Every time someone mentions him we go, "who?"