The Stages of Us During a Football Game Told With Emojis 💑

I try to be that proverbial "cool girl" who likes to watch football, but some very real things can happen. Here's the general experience that I have.
  1. Pre game: 😍
    You ask me to cuddle, maybe fool around a little bit, we share snacks, and sip a little booze. I love football!!
  2. Intro Song: 🙄
    I try not to get too offended when you drool over Carrie Underwood's legs/entire body. Let's be honest she's amazing. We are still cuddling.
  3. First Quarter: 🎭
    Are we winning by a lot? If yes: we are in same position. Are we losing? He is probably jumping up and down and is cursing. Things are not that romantic. I am rocking my Pinterest boards and trying to forget the fact that I married a man who is throwing a tantrum.
  4. Second Quarter: 😑
    You've been jumping around either in excitement or frustration, I've had to move a few inches away for my safety (got a black eye one time from him during a football play).
  5. Half time: 👏
    Woo, break time! We get pumped up again, things are good between us. We can resume starting position of cuddling.
  6. Third Quarter: 👥
    I've checked Pinterest, list app, FB, Twitter, insta... I could say I'm going to the bathroom and then slip into bed and watch New Girl on my iPad.... 😶
  7. Fourth Quarter: ✌
    I'm not getting any action. I'm definitely hiding in bed or I'm in the bath 🛀🏼
  8. Team lost: 🌨
    He's like Elsa with a frozen heart.
  9. Team won: 🔥
    Oh, you know.