1. "My friend is a director/producer/writer..."
  2. "I'm writing/pitching this new show..."
  3. "Ewwww!! Why are there so many bugs?!"
  4. Something about Crossfit
  5. Something about how their babysitter/maid is terrible and they're going to fire them.
  6. "I just moved here from Montana/Florida/Ohio and I totally love it here..."
  7. You don't love it here. You love the idea of loving it here. No one really LOVES it here, we just tolerate it for our jobs.
  8. "Omg why's it soooo cold!?" (Likely said by an LA native)
  9. "We're setting up auditions this week..."
  10. "Omg what a cute dog!!!"
  11. "Wait, was that Justin Bieber/Cameron Diaz/Adrian Grenier?"
  12. Something about yoga. Always something about yoga.
  13. "Omg, it Hollywood Sign you guys!!"
  14. So many cute doggies!!!
  15. "You'll never guess who I hung out with this week!!" (Name drops a famous person)
  16. Just name dropping in general
  17. Dog shit.