My hair looked pretty good this year, which is cause for celebration.
  1. January
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    Fake Birthday Celebration hair.
  2. February
    44947b81 b2a9 4c2a 9fb3 378c8fc95a5a
    Birthday hair.
  3. March
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    Enjoying the outdoors hair.
  4. April
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    After braids hair.
  5. May
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    Church hair.
  6. June
    8928a9df dec8 445b af17 127acbee6ccc
    British School Boy takes a Beachside Vacation hair.
  7. July
    32875c71 8d74 4f7e 8e38 0bd6d63396a6
    Flower Crown hair.
  8. August
    842d3e6d 9ab2 41e8 bc3f 97bee759ba09
    Pink Don't Care hair.
  9. September
    1f48c49c 2911 4f2e 984b 7157a1c5a200
    Beach Babe hair.
  10. October
    Fd1c5cb9 7587 48ff a028 8e9943dd69d2
    No Time for Nonsense hair.
  11. November
    023eec8c 10c3 4cd8 956d 2503fbf2e8f3
    Sister Braids hair.
  12. December
    18f137da 1bf4 4737 a6e3 4721ac552694
    Holiday Hilarity hair.
  13. May the Texas humidity continue to bless my hair in 201. And may I continue to make the same ridiculous faces. 🙏🏼💫