I am trying to make this last year of my 20s the best one yet. Here are my goals/desires of my heart/wild impulses for this my 29th year. Not in order of importance.
  1. Graduate with my Master's degree.
    Hopefully happening May, unless I mess something up completely.
  2. Visit the Grand Canyon.
    How have I never been there?!
  3. Write one letter a week.
    I love post so much. Nothing is greater than receiving a letter in the mail.
  4. Start a podcast with my bff @emiles270.
    Already in the works and it is going to be AMAZING and HILARIOUS.
  5. Attend one concert a month.
    I live in Austin, this should not be hard.
  6. Kiss a boy.
    Never been kissed and this madness must end. This will include me learning to be vulnerable and open to relationships. Sigh.
  7. Visit Marfa again and sleep in a teepee.
    Google Marfa and your life will increase in magic.
  8. Sew two dresses.
  9. Go to Disneyland with my bff Rachel.
    Happening in two weeks!
  10. Teach my cat Jo to do a trick.
    So we can become internet famous, obviously.
  11. Read a book a month in Spanish.
    Need to be keeping up on my Spanish.
  12. Learn to apply eyeliner and perfect the cat eye.
    One step closer to being Adele.
  13. Throw regular karaoke parties.
  14. Be kind to myself.
    Boost My Confidence.
  15. Serve more.
    I used to do Big Brothers Big Sisters, maybe that again? Or helping at a homeless shelter? Or snuggling newborns? Possibilities are endless.
  16. Read more poetry.
  17. Take a letterpress class.
    Starting in March!
  18. Visit Spain, especially Barcelona.
    I lived in Spain for a year and a half in my early 20s and haven't been back since.
  19. Buy a cookbook and cook one item a week from said cookbook.
  20. Learn kickboxing.
  21. Buy more plants.
    I really want a baby palm tree.
  22. Take one selfie a day.
    I want to see how I change over a year.
  23. Be a better follower of Christ.
    Not always the best at this. Be more compassionate and understanding.
  24. Art journal every week.
  25. Cement my reputation as the 'favorite' sister.
    I have a lot of work to do but think it can happen.
  26. Meet Niall Horan.
    The easiest of all the items on this list.
  27. Write at least a list a week.
  28. Write in my journal.
    Because my memory is not too great.
  29. Prepare myself to be thirty, flirty and thriving!