All real boys because 'I have a crush on every boy'. In honor of Valentine's Day. ❤️💖💕💘
  1. Shane
    3rd grade: He would bring his Walkman to school and listen to Boyz II Men. Pretty sure he was my soulmate.
  2. Lance
    4th grade: Liked basketball and reading. Kind of a know it all. He would set the standard for basketball loving cuties.
  3. Robbie G.
    5th grade: Red hair and super popular. I left him a note in his locker and so suffered my greatest humiliation. "It's her, the girl in the glasses!"
  4. Porter
    6th grade-?: Cute but a jerk and kind of dumb?! Not sure why I liked him so long but in my yearbook I wrote "I love you" several times around his picture. Which I later tried to white out. Like that would hide it.
  5. Jeff/Joe
    9th-10th grade: Grouped together because they were best friends and it depended on the week who I liked better. Both were into skateboarding, ugly cardigans and Weezer. Obviously. Height of my Sk8tr Boi phase.
  6. Chad
    End of 10th-11th grade: Senior then graduated with great hair. Played basketball but wasn't super great. I thought I would marry him once he noticed me and I graduated.
  7. NO ONE
    12th grade: I had a black heart.