Crushes of this week.
  1. Waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A
    I am on a month long break from Chick-fil-A but my mind keeps drifting back to these babies.
  2. Martin Freeman
    With scruff?! What is this strange madness?! I love it!
  3. My pillow
    My sister has been encouraging me to get this pillow and boy it has CHANGED MY LIFE. I am obsessed with this pillow and think about it all the time.
  4. Don't You album by Wet
    I have had 'All the Ways' on repeat all week. I can't get enough.
  5. This picture of Michael B. Jordan and Rachel McAdams
    I need a rom-com from them stat!
  6. My Pizza Queen shirt.
    I will wear this shirt to my grave.