I went to Disneyland on Friday with my friend Rachel and it was beyond magical. ✨💫💖
  1. Miles walked: 13
    My thighs are still on fire, two days later.
  2. Number of Clothing Items Purchased: 3
    Sweatshirt because I was freezing, socks because it rained and my feet got soaked, a poncho because of said rain.
  3. Number of Ponchos I wore: 2
    First poncho was trash, so I had to purchase an overpriced Disneyland one.
  4. Churros Consumed: 1
    I should have eaten at least two more.
  5. Scary Rides I Rode: 3
    Tower of Terror-☠☠☠☠☠. Soaring Over California-☠☠☠. The Rollercoaster-☠☠☠☠☠☠ times a thousand.
  6. Number of Pictures of Trees/Flowers I took: 7
  7. Rainstorms Survived: 1
    It started to downpour right when we got off Splash Mountain, so I guess at least we were already soaked!
  8. Characters I Met That I Actually Liked: 0
    I met Anna and Elsa, my least favorite characters. Boo. You can't even tell though because I put on a really good fake smile.
  9. Times I laughed at Rachel Because of the Bags on Her Feet: 20+
    Because I am the worst friend and would fall into hysterical laughter anytime I looked at her feet.
  10. Number of People Who Referred to Us as Sisters: 5
    Must have been the matching shirts/sweatshirts/ears.
  11. Plastic Bags I Wore On My Feet: 0
    But my friend Rachel wore two and I could not stop laughing about it.
  12. Good Times Had: 1,000,000,000
    Going to Disneyland with someone who loves Disneyland is the best. Can't wait to go back again!