Since Austin has the worst traffic, I spend a lot of time in my car. Bless you podcast people!
  1. This American Life
  2. Another Round
    I want to be best friends with Heben and Tracy. They are hilarious but also make me think deeply about race and feminism. Plus they have interviewed some AMAZING people.
  3. Pop Culture Happy Hour
    Pure happiness.
  4. Men in Blazers
    Two English gentlemen talking about futbol. I don't even watch soccer but I am obsessed with this podcast. Pop culture + accents + soccer= hilarity.
  5. Call Your Girlfriend
    Two long distance bestirs talking about everything from periods to the upcoming elections.
  6. Judge John Hodgman
    Fake Internet Court?! Makes me cry with laughter every time.
  7. Literary Disco
    Books and more books. Usually ones I have not heard of, which I appreciate.