I am graduating with my Master's degree this Saturday(!) and these are the albums that got me through hours of studying/anxiety over school.
  1. Taylor Swift "1989"
    This is all I remember listening to my first semester. I had it on a constant repeat.
  2. One Direction "Four"
    When I was still excited about school and anxiety had not taken hold of my life.
  3. Vance Joy "Dream Your Life Away"
    I saw him in concert my second semester and started playing this album whenever I felt anxious or worried.
  4. Sufjan Stevens "Carrie & Lowell"
    I saw him in concert at the end of my second semester. We had so many rainy days that spring, I just want to listen to this record and cry. Which I did, many times.
  5. "The Last Five Years"
    My friend Rachel got me hooked on this musical and I played it on repeat for the first part of the summer.
  6. The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds"
    I have always been a Beach Boys fan but when I saw Love & Mercy I went crazy. Two solid months of just this album, over and over. Perfect soundtrack for the end of Summer.
  7. Shakey Graves "And the War Came"
    I saw him in concert at the end of August and it was pure magic. This album got me through the first few weeks of my second fall semester when I had just started two jobs while going to school full time.
  8. Carly Rae Jepsen "E•MO•TION"
    I was not a Carly Rae Jepsen fan until this album, and boy! This album powered me through the end of fall semester when I thought I was not going to survive my digital humanities and database management classes.
  9. Troye Sivan "Blue Neighborhood"
    Looking back, I was feeling pretty depressed at the beginning of winter semester and this album made me feel.
  10. Wet "Don't You"
    This album made me feel happy and I would play it on the good days of my last semester.
  11. Yellow Ostrich "The Mistress"
    On repeat as I tried to stop the tide of anxiety that started to grip me my last semester. Whale!
  12. "Hamilton"
    I didn't think I was going to make it through the last two months of school and actually graduate. There were days that I could not find the will or power to get out of bed. I felt absolutely helpless and my heart was full of dread every morning. Hamilton helped me. If I turned it on when I first got up, it gave me the will to go on with my day. It feels silly to say but this soundtrack made it possible for me to finish school.