Happiness, Pursuit of

One happy thing a day
  1. 24 January
    Finally seeing La La Land.
  2. 25 January
    This poem by Mackenzie Connelly.
  3. 26 January
    Obsessing over Joel Kinnaman with @emiles270
  4. 27 January
    Fabric shopping with my niece Z. She loves that flannel!
  5. 28 January
    Dancing in the kitchen with my sisters.
  6. 29 January
    Taking a nap after church.
  7. 30 January
    The sky in the morning.
  8. 31 January
    Being in second place on my family's Bachelor bracket.
  9. 1 February
    My new phone lock screen.
  10. 2 February
    Driving around with my sister listening to One Direction.
  11. 3 February
    Sock matching with my best sister.
  12. 4 February
    Costco shopping with the whole fam-damily.
  13. 5 February
    Watching the Super Bowl with my favorite Lune.