You are a lovely, amazing, and talented human!!!!!!! 💖✨💝💫💖✨💝💫💖✨💝💫💖✨💝💫
  1. I did not know you before this but reading your lists the last few days has made me so happy and excited to follow you!
  2. First, Congraulations on your audition and getting a call back!
    I love that you are willing to follow your passions, even when it is uncomfortable or you haven't done it in awhile! Shakespeare Audition
  3. Second, you must be a great mother! Your list about how your son is like a needy boyfriend made me laugh out loud! I also loved your list about the books you are reading with your daughter.
    Matilda?!Ramona?!Betsy-Tracy?! So many great books!!
  4. Third, your playlists are just beautiful. I wrote down so many songs I need to look up!
    I noticed your love of Otis Redding. Agree, he is the greatest!
  5. Fourth, your list about dealing with poor body image was incredible. I don't know how to express how timely and important it was for me! The part about all bodies are beautiful made me cry-but in a good way!
  6. Fifth, you are amazingly smart as shown by your love and knowledge of Shakespeare!
    You have convinced me to start reading Shakespeare! Geeky 21st Century Ways to Enjoy Shakespeare
  7. Sixth, your empathy shines in all of your lists. I can tell that you love and care about people and are not afraid to show it!
  8. Happy Galentine's Day @dreadpiratemama!
    May your day be filled with love, friendship, and delicious treats!! 💖✨
  9. Thanks for filling this app with light, hilarity, Shakespeare, and empathy! You are a gem and a jewel!
  10. Oh, and one last thing! I just want to be book buddies with you! I found so many books I want to read from you lists! And your list about going to the Library?! 😍 x a thousand!
  11. And I just looked back through your lists and started laughing. This list is amazing.
  12. 💖✨💝💫💖✨💝💫💖✨💝💫💖✨
  13. And a huge thank you to @Boogie and @amieshmamie for organizing this amazing list event!