1. The Pool
    He will be showing off with backflips into the pool and somehow he will knock himself out. I will use my junior life-guarding skills to save him. He will be so grateful I saved his life and will fall madly in love with me.
  2. The Post Office
    We will both be in line to mail holiday packages. He will have forgotten to bring a pen and will ask to borrow one of the 20 multi-colored Sharpies I brought with me. We will bond over our shared love of stamps and handwritten letter. True love begins.
  3. The Bookstore
    We will both reach for the last copy of Bad Feminist. He will offer to let me have it, we will decide to share it instead.
  4. The Karaoke Bar
    He will approach me after my stunning rendition of Garth Brooks "I've Got Friends in Low Places". He requests to perform a duet with me and the rest is sweet history.